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What to stream: Legacy sequels that gave new life to film, TV franchises | Ap

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The “legacy sequel” is among the strongest ideas in Hollywood filmmaking proper now, and probably the most worthwhile. The legacy sequel (legasequel?), typically arriving a few years and even many years after the unique movie was launched, isn’t a reboot or a remake however quite a long-anticipated sequel that grapples with the movie’s influence, fan base, and sure, legacy, whereas refreshing it for a brand new viewers. It’s a means for studios to capitalize on moviegoers’ nostalgia and familiarity with sure characters and tales, whereas introducing new characters to maintain it going. With the legacy sequel “High Gun: Maverick” kicking off the summer season film season subsequent weekend, in addition to the information that Rob Reiner, Christopher Visitor, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer might be reuniting for “Spinal Faucet II,” it appeared an acceptable time to have a look at among the greatest legacy sequels throughout movie and TV.

Shock, shock, probably the most profitable legacy sequels, is “Star Wars: The Pressure Awakens,” the 2015 movie by J.J. Abrams that fired up the outdated Millennium Falcon and reenergized generations of “Star Wars” followers outdated and new. It additionally spawned so many sequels, spinoffs and collection that it’s laborious to maintain rely. Everybody is aware of “The Pressure Awakens,” nevertheless it’s laborious to overstate its influence, not simply on the “Star Wars” universe, however Hollywood at massive. Stream it on Disney+.

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