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How Xehanort’s Legacy May Influence Kingdom Hearts 4

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Xehanort has been the primary villain plaguing the world of Kingdom Hearts all the best way to the top of the Darkish Seeker Saga. With how a lot of an impression he has on the sequence, it is extremely potential that his actions will have an effect on the occasions of Kingdom Hearts 4 as properly. Xehanort’s actions affected your complete solid in addition to the numerous worlds, so when gamers noticed the preliminary trailer of Kingdom Hearts 4, it raised some questions on how Xehanort may nonetheless be concerned.


The reveal trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 confirmed Sora waking up in a world referred to as Quadratum that resembles real-life Shibuya. Returning characters like Donald and Goofy seem, in addition to a lady which may be Strelitzia – Lauriam/Marluxia’s lifeless sister from Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. There are additionally characters in robes which are unknown to gamers, however gamers theorize that they could possibly be Luxu and the Grasp of Masters. Xehanort isn’t within the trailer, however his presence may nonetheless have an effect all through Kingdom Hearts 4‘s Misplaced Grasp Arc.

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Xehanort Has Had a Main Influence on Kingdom Hearts’ Characters

Although he’s not alive, Xehanort’s impression will not be forgotten by the surviving solid of Kingdom Coronary heart‘s characters. He causes Sora to fade away on the finish of Kingdom Hearts 3 as a result of Sora wanted to make use of the ability of waking to revive his associates. Within the closing hours of the sport, when Xehanort kills Kairi, Sora is but once more pressured to make use of this energy, resulting in his assumed demise.

With Xehanort’s likeness being break up amongst so many our bodies, each character within the sequence has some kind of contact with him. Kairi is somebody who has been deeply affected by Xehanort, having been killed by him and combating his ghost all through the occasions of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Reminiscence. It will possible result in the occasions of Kingdom Hearts 4 as Riku makes use of the data gathered to try to go to Quadratum.

Kingdom Hearts: Darkish Highway’s Ending May Imply Extra For Xehanort

The cellular sport Kingdom Hearts: Darkish Highway, starring Xehanort as its protagonist, lately got here to an finish. The ultimate replace revealed extra about what occurred to Xehanort, and alluded to what may turn into of him after Kingdom Hearts 3. Xehanort explains that he needs 14 lifetimes, with the 14th one solely current to discover the brand new world. Quadratum is believed to be a world of fiction, one thing past actuality, which could possibly be what a type of Xehanort was meant to be part of.

In the course of the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3, Xehanort is seen passing onto the afterlife alongside along with his previous pal, Eraqus. Earlier than they each go on, they revert to their youthful selves. This might simply be referring to how they as soon as have been, but it surely may additionally allude to how Xehanort appears to be like when gamers see them subsequent. Each Sora and Strelitzia skilled loss of life in an effort to seem in Quadratum, in keeping with the Kingdom Hearts 4 reveal trailer.

Along with theorizing about how Kingdom Hearts 4 could possibly be affected by Xehanort, sequence director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed in a current Q&A that Xehanort’s look in Kingdom Hearts: Darkish Highway won’t be the final gamers see him. As well as, artwork was proven of a younger Xehanort standing within the rain the place followers have theorized to be Shibuya.

There may be an excessive amount of to record for simply how a lot Xehanort has executed throughout the Kingdom Hearts sequence. Between himself, Younger Xehanort, Ansem, Xemnas, and many individuals beneath his command, it could be tough for the antagonist to not have a lingering impression. The occasions of the Darkish Seeker Saga present gamers that his legacy will not go away so simply in Kingdom Hearts 4.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is at the moment in growth.

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