Friday, August 12, 2022

Galvão shines in the narrative of human soccer (or foosball); See memes

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Galvão Bueno surprised those trapped in BBB 22 to Tell a game of human football (or foosball) among the participants in a care procedure. And of course Twitter liked to share the narrator.

There was no shortage of praise for Galvão, who gave the same World Cup spirit to the maniacal feud.

There are even people who actually see the narrator as a member of the Camarote.

Galvão spared no comment and was amused by the performance of the prisoners. The match ended with Arthur as the top scorer, having scored five goals – the match ended with a score of 6-1 for the representative team. “Oh, man, you broke your throat,” the narrator joked at the end.

You’ve already got pre-cup anxiety, right?

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